About Greenway Las Vegas

Corey Buffkin Owner/Chief Cultivation Officer

Corey Buffkin is one of the owners and chief cultivator of Greenway Las Vegas. Corey was a founding member of “Mile High Green Cross” in Denver, Colorado in 2009, where he introduced his proprietary cultivation techniques which resulted in the small-batch connoisseur medical cannabis Corey is known for. Through this business venture, Corey expanded to become an owner in “Green Man Cannabis” also in Denver, Colorado (two dispensaries in Denver and two indoor cultivation warehouses). Green Man Cannabis operates one of the largest indoor cultivation facilities in Colorado with 120,000 indoor square feet. Corey also is an owner in “Phresh Cannabis” in Portland, Oregon. Phresh Cannabis has a 15,000 square foot warehouse along with its own dispensary. In 2015, Corey brought together the current family and friend ownership in “Greenway Las Vegas”. Today Corey is found traveling between his grows to ensure quality and consistency is maintained. He has groomed his team of cultivators to lead in his award-winning grow techniques bringing you the connoisseur quality flower Greenway is recognized for.


Dustin Vena

Dustin Vena has always been passionate about cannabis and the possibility of the healing properties it is currently being studied for. In 2009, Dustin became an apprentice cultivation tech through Corey Buffkins (owner in Greenway Las Vegas) company “Green Man Cannabis” in Denver, Colorado. Dustin was trained in Corey’s proprietary cultivation techniques and was soon the Director of Cultivation for Green Man. In 2015, Dustin made the leap to reside in Las Vegas from Denver and become the Director of Cultivation and partner with Greenway Las Vegas. Greenway Las Vegas operates an indoor cultivation in Clark County, NV led by Dustin Vena.


Feather Buffkin

Feather Buffkin is the Chief Operating Officer for Greenway Las Vegas. Feather oversees the everyday operations in Greenways cultivation facility with the primary goal of maintaining Greenway’s quality, small-batch connoisseur flower production. Feather has always supported Corey in all of his cultivation endeavors and has fully dedicated her time to ensuring Greenway operations runs smoothly and all compliance, quality and culture is met or exceeded for Greenway Las Vegas.

For all Sales, Product Inquiries, and pop-up scheduling please contact Feather.  feather@greenwaymedic.com

Anna Duff

Anna Duff is the Director of Marketing for Greenway Las Vegas. She is dedicated to building the brand and providing education and awareness to the Nevada cannabis market. Anna started out in the Colorado cannabis industry working her way through every aspect of seed to sale from reception, budtending, helping in the grow, trimming, packaging and sales to marketing where she is best suited to help spotlight the benefits of the plant. She has worked on top advertising campaigns for the launch of groundbreaking new cannabis products with some of the leaders in cannabis extraction technology. Anna connected with Corey and Feather in Colorado and was excited to bring her experience and join her friends on the Greenway Las Vegas team.

Our Staff

Greenway Las Vegas has cultivated a team that is passionate about cannabis and the quality flower Greenway is known for. Many of our team members have remained with Greenway since its inception. Our team is proud to be associated with Greenway and we hope you see the difference with the quality flower we produce hand crafted by our incredible team.